Window Tinting 101 – A Guide For Men!

Anyone who lives in a sweltering and hot climate will have experienced the awful discomfort of climbing into your car after it has been in the sun. Driving in hot weather is not a pleasurable experience for you or your passengers. Window tinting can make a big difference to the temperature inside your car.

Okay, so you have air conditioning in your vehicle. But even so, tinting can help your car’s air con work more efficiently because the temperature inside will be notably reduced. Tinting works by preventing a large amount of the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating through your car’s windows, note this will only be the case if you hire a professional likeĀ window tinting Henderson NV

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There are varying laws in all parts of the world regarding the tinting of windows. So before you get tinting on your vehicle’s windows, check the laws in your area. Some countries have banned window tinting altogether. The Department of Transport in America permits a 20% tint on private vehicles, and a 30% tint on commercial vehicles.

There are many other reasons why tinted windows are so popular. Tinted windows allow improved visibility for the driver by eliminating glare. And of course lots of youngsters think that tinted windows make their cars look ‘cool’.

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Criminals are far less likely to target a vehicle with tinted windows. They are often put off because they don’t know how many passengers the driver may have. But the main purpose of tinted windows is to make vehicles more comfortable by eliminating heat.

The material used to tint windows actually transforms ordinary glass into shatterproof glass. Therefore if the robber or hi-jacker is brave enough to try and knock a hole into your window, he will be unsuccessful. The shatterproof effect can also protect you and your passengers should you be involved in an accident.

During the tinting process, a thin film of translucent, waterproof plastic is applied to each window. Many home-owners are tinting certain windows in their homes. Tinted windows offer good insulation and will keep your home much cooler.

Tinted windows have the ability to deflect the sun’s rays. This means that in the hot summer months less heat will enter through the windows.


Tinted windows can also absorb heat which will keep your home warmer during the winter months. Window tinting can protect furniture and other items such as computers, TVs and home theater systems.

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