Top 10 Wedding Photography Mistakes?


A wedding is always a very important lifetime event for the bride and her groom. Therefore it should be handled with utmost keenness, care and give room to no mistakes.

Simple mistakes, especially on the photography sector always kill the mood of the day. Some of the top ten wedding photography mistakes that should be avoided include;

1. Not finalizing the wedding day schedule

A schedule is always the engine of any event. Before you finalize your schedule always talk to your photographer so as to know the appropriate time to take photos. This is because certain times of the day are more photogenic than others.

2. Not sticking to the finalized schedule

Ensure that you stick to the schedule that you developed with your photographer. Lateness may either make or break your images. Therefore always be keen when it comes to time management.

3. Not explaining how you like looking in the photo

Giving a vivid description of how you want your images to appear is the most important thing. Do not just assume because beauty is actually subjective. What the photographer may perceive beautiful may not be beautiful to you.


4. Not getting a second shooter

Getting a second wedding photographer might be costly. But worthy if you want good and quality images. This is because the second photographer offers another unique point of view that the other might have missed to consider.

5. Not getting help organizing your guests

Get someone you trust to help you organize people for portraits. It is always difficult for a large group of people to organize themselves. The person you get will gather the people needed at a specific place and direct them on what shots they should appear in. This will keep the program moving fast.

6. Trying to make things perfect

The worst mistake you can ever make is to assume that the day should have no faults. Just forget about the negatives and focus on having fun. If something does not go the way you expected, don’t stress yourself, just keep on smiling so that the photos don’t look different.

7. Trying to pose

The best way to take photos is to relax and act naturally. Be driven by the moment so that the photos turn out well. That is why a good photographer will give you directions.

8. Looking at the camera all the time

For the best journalistic shots, always try to act natural and not as if you are waiting for a shot. Candid photographs don’t necessarily mean that you should look at the camera and stop what you are doing.

9. Not choosing a photographer you connect with

If you and your photographer don’t get along well, then the wedding day will a very long one for you. You may end up disagreeing on many things, and this might affect the quality of photos taken. Always ensure that you get along with the photographer you choose.

10. Not smiling – all the time

When walking down the aisle, always ensure that all the individuals look up and smile. If they are too nervous to smile, then it is better for them to keep their heads up instead of facing down. This will ensure that all the photos taken present a happy and jovial mood.

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