The Contribution Of Trees To Our Lives….It’s Time To Take Stock


How will we be able to know the adverse effects of deforestation on planet earth?

Humans have been using wood from trees to build great constructions for thousands of years. Trees were cut so that people could continue being warm also. It is true that more trees have been trimmed down in recent times, and that might be a great reason to be concerned.

As we go on to cut down trees and not replenish over time, will man become extinct?

Lots of people do not worry about what takes place around them and merely listen to sound bites on the news. Many people have never seen a jungle and haven’t any idea that the forests are slowly dying.

We people have been profiting from the planet to suit our needs for centuries with the full knowledge that it will inevitably kill us all.

While it is simply conjecture, there are many things that might cause us to become extinct. Because so many experts have a tough time coming to a consensus, the regular person has a difficult time knowing the truth.


It is a fact that the environment is seriously affected when trees are cut, and deforestation occurs.

We need trees because they provide us with the necessary oxygen we need and get rid of the carbon dioxide that we don’t need. If trees have plenty of carbon dioxide, then it’s possible that it is released back into the air, when the trees are burned up, with deforestation.

This is likewise the case when trees are burned down due to lightning. Not all burning of the forests are man-made, and it seems like nature has always been able to deal with forest fires which it started.

If the answer is not to use trees to build homes, then another answer has to be made. One option is to have homes be built up to a specific size. A lot of us don’t have a ton of money so we can only reside in places that we can afford to pay for.

The problems in this world have been created by the affluent and individuals in power, and they are the people who have to fix them. With so many differing views, the ordinary Joe is not capable of understanding what is taking place.


Most of us will not do something until we are told, even when it comes to saving our planet. Nothing will take place as long as world leaders remain corrupt and people will not come to a consensus

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