Are you an average person curious about mother nature's most awesome
display of  weather? Are you a weather enthusiast and always wanted to
chase storms but you  did not know how to go about it safely? Or maybe
you are a Storm Chaser that would like to learn more about properly
tracking storms and figuring out where a tornado might touch down?
Then you need to go Storm Chasing with the professionals at TRADD! We
are the longest running tour company in business. Since 1995, we've
been offering tours to the public with lots of happy customers who come
back each year to chase with us again! We've been followed by NBC,
CBS, and the BBC for television programs. Even famous celebrities have
chased with TRADD. When you chase with us, we show how to chase
and view storms the safe way. Let us show you what a great experience
seeing a supercell thunderstorm in person can be.
NO previous
chasing experience or weather knowledge is needed
Beginners and first timers are highly encouraged to sign up. You can be
involved as little or much as you want. It's your adventure!
Hurry and grab your discounted seat today!
We will chase storms in the well-known "Tornado Alley" area located in the midwestern states, you will travel through
some of the most level country in the world, ideal for chasing severe storms. Come along with TRADD to see the most
powerful wind in the world called a Tornado, along with supercell storms that produce dramatic lightning shows. Our
percentages are very high since we chase during the peak time of the year for tornadic activity.
Most tours have seen
at least one tornado.
Our record is 14 tornadoes in -one- tour
and we are always looking to break that record. We do not wait for the storms to come to us! We constantly monitor the
storms using the latest in mobile weather technology in order to deploy to the most likely tornadic producing supercell.
We will stay at a safe distance from any forming
tornadoes but close enough to take great pictures
and see all the action. Your safety is our number
one concern. No other tour company puts your
safety first like TRADD does. Storm chasing can be
very safe and exciting when done correctly. With
our highly knowledgeable guided tours and over 40
combined years experience at chasing severe
storms, you will learn alot of information that has
taken us years to compile from fourth generation
family tornado research along with the latest
technology in Storm Chasing.