Contactless Payment Options For London Black Cab Passengers


All black cabs in London went contactless in 2016; in terms of payment options in a bid to modernize and make journeys more convenient for passengers.

Following in the footsteps of New York cabs that rolled out card payments in 2010, the London fleet of taxis started using debit and credit cards in February of last year.

Many of the devices used are handheld or fixed but the Transport for London has mandated that they be installed on the passenger’s side of the taxi, a move that should make it more convenient for the passengers and make them feel more secure.


The only downside to this new move is that there is going to be a 20 pence increase to the minimum fare.

However, this is preferable to the usual surcharge placed on the taxi fare that may be up to £1.

london taxis

According to minicab New Cross Gate, both passengers and taxi drivers will benefit from this move as passengers get more convenience in their travels and drivers will get an increase in fares from the card-paying passengers looking to cash in on the added convenience.

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