Contactless Payment Options For London Black Cab Passengers


All black cabs in London went contactless in 2016; in terms of payment options in a bid to modernize and make journeys more convenient for passengers.

Following in the footsteps of New York cabs that rolled out card payments in 2010, the London fleet of taxis started using debit and credit cards in February of last year.

Many of the devices used are handheld or fixed but the Transport for London has mandated that they be installed on the passenger’s side of the taxi, a move that should make it more convenient for the passengers and make them feel more secure.


The only downside to this new move is that there is going to be a 20 pence increase to the minimum fare.

However, this is preferable to the usual surcharge placed on the taxi fare that may be up to £1.

london taxis

According to minicab New Cross Gate, both passengers and taxi drivers will benefit from this move as passengers get more convenience in their travels and drivers will get an increase in fares from the card-paying passengers looking to cash in on the added convenience.

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A Guide To Chat Apps – (For Men Only)


A basic conservative person would tell as Snapchat has filtered the world of its senses with its filters.

We the residue are social addicts who spend as much time as on the snapchat app than we would making the world better.

But who cares, such an idealist condemnation, we would rather with our Snapchat app give that SRSLY? cat sticker.

Talking about stickers, how well can you use them on your Snaphcat?

On the right of your snapchat app, you see that smiley-face icon on. From there you could reach over 298 sticker even down to the Do Not Disturb sleeping manatee.

These stickers brings live expressions to Snapchat helping you say much more with much less.

Then we still have auto-advance stories in such a way that when you though watching one, the next one starts playing at once automatically.

You could click through by tapping or even exiting by pulling down.

In our next article we will be taking a look at the very best chat apps for Android

Stay Tuned!

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Window Tinting 101 – A Guide For Men!

Anyone who lives in a sweltering and hot climate will have experienced the awful discomfort of climbing into your car after it has been in the sun. Driving in hot weather is not a pleasurable experience for you or your passengers. Window tinting can make a big difference to the temperature inside your car.

Okay, so you have air conditioning in your vehicle. But even so, tinting can help your car’s air con work more efficiently because the temperature inside will be notably reduced. Tinting works by preventing a large amount of the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating through your car’s windows, note this will only be the case if you hire a professional like window tinting Henderson NV

car tinting
There are varying laws in all parts of the world regarding the tinting of windows. So before you get tinting on your vehicle’s windows, check the laws in your area. Some countries have banned window tinting altogether. The Department of Transport in America permits a 20% tint on private vehicles, and a 30% tint on commercial vehicles.

There are many other reasons why tinted windows are so popular. Tinted windows allow improved visibility for the driver by eliminating glare. And of course lots of youngsters think that tinted windows make their cars look ‘cool’.

window tinting
Criminals are far less likely to target a vehicle with tinted windows. They are often put off because they don’t know how many passengers the driver may have. But the main purpose of tinted windows is to make vehicles more comfortable by eliminating heat.

The material used to tint windows actually transforms ordinary glass into shatterproof glass. Therefore if the robber or hi-jacker is brave enough to try and knock a hole into your window, he will be unsuccessful. The shatterproof effect can also protect you and your passengers should you be involved in an accident.

During the tinting process, a thin film of translucent, waterproof plastic is applied to each window. Many home-owners are tinting certain windows in their homes. Tinted windows offer good insulation and will keep your home much cooler.

Tinted windows have the ability to deflect the sun’s rays. This means that in the hot summer months less heat will enter through the windows.


Tinted windows can also absorb heat which will keep your home warmer during the winter months. Window tinting can protect furniture and other items such as computers, TVs and home theater systems.

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Electric Razor Comparison In 2016


We all know how irritating it is when you stumble over that bad shaver.

Well, you may not want to go through that experience again and probably you may be thinking on how to get that great shaver that would give you close and smooth shave.

You no longer need to be disposing razors every now and then as electric shavers would provide an alternative for you.

Many electric shavers are battery powered making it convenient to use in places where you are not connected to electricity. There are many shavers out there in the market and unless you choose it wisely you may not get the best.

Below is a list of top 5 best electric razor for 2017.

Anyone looking for the best shaving experience should purposely grab one or two.

1. Braun Series 7790 cc

2. Panasonic Arc 4

3. Philips Norelco 8900

4. Panasonic Arc 5

5. Fade Master

Factors to consider when buying electric shavers:

1. Cost

You should choose and electric shaver that go well with your budget.

2. Corded or cordless

There are two types of electric razors corded and cordless. Corded electric razors provide additional freedom and convenience.

3. Maintenance requirements

All electric razors needs maintenance and depending on your lifestyle you may choose either one which is maintain on daily basis or periodically.

4. Battery life

A longer battery life would be better for shaving.

5. Pop-up Trimmers

This is good for shaving beards and mustache as it provide precise cut.

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10 Cool Gadgets To Help You Stay Cool This Summer

Summer forms a perfect time of having fun. Even though, finding the right way to overcome heat when temperatures are high can be challenging.

Most people seek more conventional ways of cooling down like enlisting the services of Melbourne Snowman refrigerated air conditioning services for example.

But seriously what’s the fun in that?!

Below are some of the gadgets that can help you out.

Wearing appropriate attire like shorts and light clothing helps a lot. More advanced forms include:

Insulated Evaporative Cooling Hat


By running the cap under a faucet, heat is drawn away by the sun as a result of evaporation. It sold for $24.95.

Ice Sauna

Ice sauna is an awesome way to beat the heat by keeping the temperature below zero degrees. However, one should be cautious.


USB “Air Conditioned” Shirt

Plugging the shirt into a computer’s USB drive makes fans on the lower part of the back pull in cold air. It costs $169.

“Air Conditioned” Bed

It uses similar technology as the USB “Air Conditioned” Shirt. Air is drawn into the pad and circulated under your body while you’re sleeping. It costs $399.

The Scoop and Stack


The Scoop and Stack is a quick way of getting ice cream out of a container. The cylindrical shape allows you to stack more. It sells for $14.95.

Taisin Ice Sphere Mold

This machine helps you create perfect ice spheres. It produces 30-40 ice balls per hour. The Taisin is available in different sizes.

Universal Shower Diffuser

This device can fit on a standard PET bottle. It restricts water flow so that it dispenses like a shower head. It costs $50.

Big Wave Trampoline


Big wave trampoline cools you and keeps you active at the same time. It goes for $11.95.

Luxury 18-headed shower

Showering is a great way to beat the heat. The shower is 18-headed and has a fantastic nozzle. Unfortunately, you will have to pay $100,000 for it.

Nike Precool Vest

Frozen water fills the innermost layer. An insulation of aluminum forms the outer part. Sadly, this vest is unofficial.

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