Tradd Deer Hunting Tips


It’s been a pretty perfect week by all accounts.

My best friend Scott is due to get married in 3 weeks so the boys decided to have a week away fishing & hunting to celebrate him getting hitched.

We have been deer hunting mainly and I hate to say have been very successful!

For those of you that have never been deer hunting it’s a pretty cool day out, if your into the great outdoors and enjoy handling a rifle.

While firearm safety is always my number one tip when in possession of a loaded weapon, below you will find some killer (see what I did there!) hunting tips for a successful and enjoyable day out.

Get An Early Start

Many hunters like to spend the entire day in the woods, but the most likely times to bag a deer are a sunrise and sunset. They are more likely to come out of the thick brush during the early morning and late pre-dusk hours for the feed.

Eliminate Scents

It is important to remember that deer can smell scents very easily, so do what is necessary to eliminate any human or unnatural odors. Things that would smell good to a human are usually signs of danger for a deer.

Do Not Move

While you are in a stand or a blind, you have to do your best to stay as still as possible. If you do have to move, make your movements very slowly. One of the hardest things for me to learn to be a successful hunter was how to slowly look from side to side as I sat for hours in a deer stand in the cold.

Be Quiet

One of the most important things you can do to have a successful deer hunt is to remain silent. There have been various occasions and disappointing moments when I scared a deer away with the slightest of sounds. Deer have more sensitive ears than you would think. They become very cautious and wary when they hear a human voice or any unnatural sound.

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How To Select A Metal Detector?


If you want to take up metal detecting, choosing the right detector can depend on your needs and the area in which you live. You should get as much information as possible by visiting a website like Metal Detector Direct  – they review metal detectors.

As metal detectors have become more sophisticated, you need to look at the features the various models offer.

Most metal detectors are equipped with certain features for the different types of terrain available.

Discrimination is a very important feature because it can eliminate certain types of metal, such as nails and other junk metal.


Any metal detector can find metal, but what kind of metal do you want to find?

Most detectors have features that can detect gold, relics, coins and jewelry.

The relics feature is useful if you live in an area where any civil war action took place.

If you live near the coast and plan to do some beach detecting, you really to pick a detector that can find a variety of metals.

When picking a detector for the beach, it’s best to choose one with a waterproof coil. You can also purchase a waterproof coil separately. Coils are very to change out.

The technology in metal detectors is constantly changing, so it is best to determine what type of detecting you will be doing so you can make the right selection.

Image – Fisher F2 Metal Detector

How much do you want to spend?

Metal detectors come in a wide variety of prices. Sometimes the most expensive model is not the best.

It may have many bells and whistles, but you don’t want to pay for features you don’t need.

Think about the type of terrain you will be detecting, and select a detector that is ideal for your needs.

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Why Play Low Impact Paintball??

Me and a couple of guys hit the paintball field a couple of months ago for a friends stag do.

I have to say it was a brutal encounter. I think my bruises are just about starting to heal in what can only be described as being in absolute agony.

Like most people I enjoy the commando action of paintball, but honestly getting hit hurts a lot!

This got me thinking and led me to do a little research on whether there were any alternatives.

Low impact paintball has been introduced to combat this exact problem. It still provides the exciting combat experience, but without the bruises and weeks worth of pain.

Below are some excellent reasons to play low impact paintball.


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