A Guide To Chat Apps – (For Men Only)


A basic conservative person would tell as Snapchat has filtered the world of its senses with its filters.

We the residue are social addicts who spend as much time as on the snapchat app than we would making the world better.

But who cares, such an idealist condemnation, we would rather with our Snapchat app give that SRSLY? cat sticker.

Talking about stickers, how well can you use them on your Snaphcat?

On the right of your snapchat app, you see that smiley-face icon on. From there you could reach over 298 sticker even down to the Do Not Disturb sleeping manatee.

These stickers brings live expressions to Snapchat helping you say much more with much less.

Then we still have auto-advance stories in such a way that when you though watching one, the next one starts playing at once automatically.

You could click through by tapping or even exiting by pulling down.

In our next article we will be taking a look at the very best chat apps for Android

Stay Tuned!

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