10 Cool Gadgets To Help You Stay Cool This Summer

Summer forms a perfect time of having fun. Even though, finding the right way to overcome heat when temperatures are high can be challenging.

Most people seek more conventional ways of cooling down like enlisting the services of Melbourne Snowman refrigerated air conditioning services for example.

But seriously what’s the fun in that?!

Below are some of the gadgets that can help you out.

Wearing appropriate attire like shorts and light clothing helps a lot. More advanced forms include:

Insulated Evaporative Cooling Hat


By running the cap under a faucet, heat is drawn away by the sun as a result of evaporation. It sold for $24.95.

Ice Sauna

Ice sauna is an awesome way to beat the heat by keeping the temperature below zero degrees. However, one should be cautious.


USB “Air Conditioned” Shirt

Plugging the shirt into a computer’s USB drive makes fans on the lower part of the back pull in cold air. It costs $169.

“Air Conditioned” Bed

It uses similar technology as the USB “Air Conditioned” Shirt. Air is drawn into the pad and circulated under your body while you’re sleeping. It costs $399.

The Scoop and Stack


The Scoop and Stack is a quick way of getting ice cream out of a container. The cylindrical shape allows you to stack more. It sells for $14.95.

Taisin Ice Sphere Mold

This machine helps you create perfect ice spheres. It produces 30-40 ice balls per hour. The Taisin is available in different sizes.

Universal Shower Diffuser

This device can fit on a standard PET bottle. It restricts water flow so that it dispenses like a shower head. It costs $50.

Big Wave Trampoline


Big wave trampoline cools you and keeps you active at the same time. It goes for $11.95.

Luxury 18-headed shower

Showering is a great way to beat the heat. The shower is 18-headed and has a fantastic nozzle. Unfortunately, you will have to pay $100,000 for it.

Nike Precool Vest

Frozen water fills the innermost layer. An insulation of aluminum forms the outer part. Sadly, this vest is unofficial.

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